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Boat Trips

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Did you know that there are more than 880 private boats in the Nuuk Harbour? That is because the locals use the fjord as a high-way to hunting, fishing and vacation.


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Endless Views of Mountain, Fjord and Wildlife

When you reach the end of the roads in Nuuk the only way of getting transported further is to sail or fly. Therefore a trip by boat it is something to which you should treat yourself - and with the second biggest fjord system in the world as a high-way the opportunities are endless.

You can choose experiences like the fjord safari to spot whales, seals and eagles - or maybe enjoy the breathtaking beauty of icebergs in the ice fjord. If you are more interested in history and culture, you visit the settlement of Kapisillit or one of the three former settlements Kangeq, Qooqqut and Qoornoq.  



Kangeq was actually the first place the founder of Nuuk - Hans Egede - settled when he arrived in Greenland i 1721. Event though he moved on seven years later, the settlement continued and was in its active period the home of a hunters society with a fishing factory, a church and the classic, small colourful houses. 

It was closed in 1974, and is now considered a historical site, where you can experience the atmosphere of the past among the abandoned houses.



Qooqqut is a former settlement that has been transformed into a vacation area for the locals. Among the roughed mountains and deep fjord is build the restaurant and accommodations within a buzzing community in the summer. The settlement is also the venue of the annual Qooqqut Festival - a alcohol free culture festival target towards families.

It is an excellent starting point for hiking, trout fishing and rein deer hunting. And why not try out the trip fish'n'dish where you can catch your own redfish or cod on the way and have the restaurant prepare it for you. 



Qoornoq was - like Kangeq - a hunting society that lived from the sea and what they could sell in the fish factory. I was abandoned in 1972 and all the houses has been maintained and used as summer houses ever since. That is why you will most likely be greeted by locals when you visit. 

The area is know to have been inhabited by the Saqqaq culture - one of the first inuits of Greenland. Still to this day you can visit remains of the Saqqaq even though the lived in the area 2200 BC.



The active settlement of Kapisillit is the home of around 90 inhabitants and includes a school, a church, a grocery store and a sheep farm. A visit gives a wonderful introduction the life of a Greenlandic settlement and accommodation is possible. 

It is also a great basecamp for hiking, hunting and fishing - especially the hike from the settlement to the ice fjord is a must to experience for the nature lover. Also, the river near the settlement is the only known river to have a population of Greenlandic salmon - and since salmon is named kapisilik in Greenlandic that is what has named the settlement.


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