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Northern Lights & the Supernatural

  • Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia, Imaneq 26, Nuuk
  • 20-02-2017 - 20-02-2017

Northern Lights & the Supernatural

The northern lights has been a part of the indigenous cultures long before modern research pulled it under the microscope. The northern lights appear in the arctic folks' traditions both in written and verbal narratives. Ada Grili (journalist, writer, photographer and scientist) tells of the development of the traditions and myths, and about how the old superstitions har still relevant. 

The lecture is in english with translation to greenlandic.


Date: monday 20th feb. at 19:30

place: Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia//National Theatre of Greenland

Free entrance

Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia
  • Northern Lights & the Supernatural
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