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Nuuk offers a unique setting for events and conferences. Being just a short boat or hiking trip away from a serene nature experience, the city still offers all the amenities you would expect from a modern city. With a diverse selection of restaurants, museums and meetings and event facilities Nuuk is well suited to be your next business destination.

As the nation’s capital, Nuuk is the center of both national and international business in Greenland. Being home to The Government of Greenland, the municipality of Sermersooq, educational institutions and headquarters of many Greenlandic businesses makes Nuuk a bustling city filled with a sense of purpose.

The concentration of business make Nuuk well equipped with facilities for your next large event, conference, business meeting or workshop. Nuuk offers two 5-starred conference facilities at Hotel Hans Egede and Katuaq, with accommodation being within walking distances.

Furthermore, Nuuk is home to a flourishing cultural scene with several cultural institutions situated in Nuuk. Here you can take a trip through the history of Greenland at the National Museum, learn about the Greenlandic national costume at Kittat or experience a selection of historical and contemporary art at Nuuk Art Museum.

Located in close proximity to the nature, you are just a short boat trip or hike from being in a completely undisturbed state of mind, bringing focus back to the tasks at hand and giving you ample opportunities to be in a mindful state ready for the next workshop or brainstorming. 


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