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Nuuk is the capital of Greenland, balancing commerce and culture with fresh air and stunning views. Nuuk's embrace of both the traditional and modern can be seen in the city's dynamic cultural life and way of life. The city bursts with local entrepreneurs, nature oriented foods and sustainable activities, that makes this city an ideal destination for eco tourists.

While Nuuk hosts a distinctly urban feel (despite its small size), nature is never far. The iconic mountains of Quassussuaq/Lille Malene and Ukusisaat/Store Malene can be tackled on a hike just outside of downtown. It's not long after departing Nuuk Harbour that the fjord transitions to a true wilderness of snow-capped mountains and barren islands.


Colourful Nuuk App

When you arrive in Nuuk you might be a bit overwhelmed about where everything is and how you get there and the lack of internet does not make it easier. But fear not, with the Colourful Nuuk app you have an always updated city map and weather chart on your phone! Also you can find loads of other information like the digital Art Walk that will give you a guided tour around the city to see all the public jewels of art. The app also contains contact information on businesses, emergency numbers, events, travel stories and much more. 

Download the app for IOS and Android.


Combine destinations

As cool as we think Nuuk is, we also know that you might want to combine the city with other destinations in Greenland. If this interests you, you can find lots of inspiration at the official Visit Greenland website.

Here you can also find lots of advice on travelling to Greenland like - what to pack, weather, tips & tricks.


Click on the map and Explore Nuup Kangerlua

Click on the map and Explore Nuup Kangerlua
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