Eat & Drink

How does Greenland taste? Well, discover and explore the different restaurants, cafés, and food events in Nuuk to get a taste of traditional and new Greenlandic cuisine and Arctic ingredients. The opportunities are vast – from high-end gourmet to Greenlandic specialities or Greenlandic variations of tapas and musk-ox hotdogs, as well as, classics like steaks, pizzas, and burgers.

One thing you can be sure of, though, is that loads of freshly caught fish and seafood are always found on the menu.

Fresh as it Gets

Fresh as it Gets

At Inuk Hostels you can try barbequing local ingredients like ammassaat (capelin), arctic char, seal and/or reindeer on the rocks like the Greenlanders have done for centuries to get an authentic taste of the culture. Or maybe the Fish&Dish where you can catch your own redfish and cod for lunch, which the skilled chef at the restaurant Qooqqut Nuan will prepare and cook for you while you enjoy the picturesque view. 

Food Festival

Once a year Sermersooq Business Council holds the annual Food Festival in Colourful Nuuk. Here you can taste the local foods, talk to businesses, enjoy learning about Greenlandic gourmet and off course meet the locals like a local.

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