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Zikaza - 30th anniversary concert

  • Zikaza - 30th anniversary concert, Katuaq, Nuuk
  • 09-02-2018 - 09-02-2018

Where: Foyer

Date: February 9, 2018 at. 21:00


Zikaza has had many different band members throughout the ages. At first, it was almost only Greenlandic students from Aarhus who participated in the band when the first LP "Zikaza" was published in 1985.


With "Miki goes to Nuussuaq" the crew was changed in the band as well as expanded with fans "Harvey Horns" who also contributed to the release of the LP in 1988. Band members were Peter Jensen, Jakob Helmer Petersen, Kristian Helmer Petersen, Per Svensson, Siiva Fleischer. In the band there was also a young girl with as singer and korpige Aviaja Lumholt. Kaaleeraq Hansen was also a guest soloist in the record.


"Miki goes to Nuussuaq" actually sold over 10,000 records - which was a huge sales success in comparison with the current and present-day population in Greenland.


Since the "Miki goes to Nuussuaq" the band has had other members in the last two releases, "Saava mumingalu" and "Assit".


In 2000, the band was dissolved and resurrected in 2006. Nuuk became the home of the group instead of Aarhus, which was home since 1980. All band members were new except Siiva Fleischer, who has been in the lead since 1980.


February 9, 2018, the 30th anniversary of the release of "Miki goes to Nuussuaq" will be celebrated in Katuaq.


In addition to the current bands: Titan Jakobsen, Nukannguaq Geisler, Nino Fencker, Hans Jukku Noahsen and Siiva Fleischer, "Harvey Horns" Kristian Helmer Petersen, Ole Himmelstrup and Jeppe Barkmann will attend the concert. Aviaja Lumholt and Peter Jensen are also included.


The starting point for the concert is, of course, "Miki goes to Nuussuaq". Of course there will also be an opportunity to hear other songs with Zikaza during the evening's concert in Katuaq.


Sir. nostalgia and many others will be there that evening. Come to the concert - it will be a party

  • Zikaza - 30th anniversary concert
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