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Wisdom of the roots

  • Katuaq, Imaneq 21, Nuuk
  • 23-11-2017 - 23-11-2017

Wisdom from the roots is a Nordic cooperation between Greenland, Denmark and the Faroe Islands.

It's a show of an hour for teenagers and adults.

The exhibition will contain the lyric (the mythological story of the three roots of the life tree Ygdrasil) which is recollected in the dark.

Sound design and music made for the three roots ... 3 different scenes.

7 prof artists who want to be in designer clothing from fish skin, sheep from sheep, fish net and plastic (recycling).

Showings are plays, lyric, exciting music, dance and design. It is based on past (our history), present (tel) and future (our dreams).

50 young people from the Nuuk Educational Center participate in the performance.

Before the audience comes in, they should take a selfie with their phone and write one of their dreams as they have and send it #wisdomfromtheroots - and once the show is finished, one can see all the dreams on a big screen.

A display that has a message of daring to dream big and believe in yourself that one can. To find his "own shoes" to step into the world with. About the game as we know as a human being .. to give up or stay on ... all we are doing. About science and facts that are a big part of our society ... and if we only go for it .. faith, hope and love are homeless.


  • Wisdom of the roots
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