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VestNorden Travel Mart 2017

  • 18-09-2017 - 21-09-2017

This business-to-business trade show is an annual marketplace jointly promoting the three West Nordic countries Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Several hundred buyers and sellers meet during two intensive days to focus on tourism trade in the West Nordic Region.

As a new or returning buyer, this trade show offers you an in-depth, professional introduction to the unique experience and products offered by these three distinctive countries. Here you can meet and do business with representatives from key players in the region in one place.

As a seller, you are offered a marketplace where buyers come specifically due to their special interest in the West Nordic region. It is an optimal opportunity for you to present your products to a primed and highly motivated group of customers.

Nothing beats a good first hand experience, so this year we offer you pre-tours to Greenland’s 5 tourism destinations.

The pre-tours give buyers the best opportunity to gain valuable insight into a destination’s strengths, facilities, and into the latest products offered. Each pre-tour can accommodate 10 buyers.

Whether you are buying or selling, VNTM is also a valuable framework for networking. We have therefore chosen to enhance networking opportunities by adding a new element that we call Colourful Nuuk Adventures. Colourful Nuuk Adventures combine activities and networking in smaller groups in and around Nuuk. You can read more about the available adventures offered on the registration page.

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  • VestNorden Travel Mart 2017
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