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Vertical Dance Workshops

  • The National Theatre of Greenland, Industrivej 27, 3900 Nuuk
  • 12-01-2019 - 20-01-2019

Beginner workshops 18yrs+

Instructor: Maliina Jensen

January 12 & January 20

Both days @ 2.00-3.30pm

Where: The National Theatre of Greenland, Industrivej 27, 3900 Nuuk

Price pr. workshop: 150 kr.

What is vertical dance?

Vertical dance is the dance genre that uses rock climbing and industrial equipment to suspend the performer off the ground. The term ’vertical’ is used to indicate the orientation of the surface (a wall, balcony, rail) that is used as the ’dance floor’. Vertical dance is also referred to as ’aerial dance’ or ’harness work’.

Workshops and training

In workshops I teach harness techniques particular to vertical dance. We will explore the effects of a ’vertical floor’ on the body so that participants become comfortable with a new spatial orientation. From here, one can try out a pendulum movemenet with the rope, and you can experience hanging upside-down in free space.


In my work with vertical dance safety is my top priority. For rigging safety I use industrial equipment. Ideally, vertical dance requires clear wall space with rigging points (minimum 1 ton capacity).

In addition to the obvious need for absolute safety in rigging, I give special consideration to the unusual stress factors on the body while in a harness.

What to wear?

Harnesses can be uncomfortable, especially for those not used to wearing them. Therefore it is important to have no exposed flesh around your waist and tops of legs and to wear a few layers to protect yourself. For example, leggings and a top with sweatpants and a t-shirt on top.

More information and registration: maliinajensen@gmail.com

Maliina Jensen
  • Vertical Dance Workshops
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