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The struggle for a pure language

  • Oqalugiarneq, Katuaq, Nuuk
  • 11-01-2018 - 11-01-2018

Where: Little Hall

Date: January 11, 2018 at. 19:00


BA project by Language, Literature and Media

Greenlandic speakers tend to make great demands on each other. Despite the fact that language usage is understandable, you often speak each other's language usage.

Language purity is a very natural part of a language society, which also applies in the Greenlandic language.

Based on a critical discourse analysis of a Facebook group in which the Greenlandic language is being debated, using sociolinguistic studies of purism can see different aspects of the puristic movement. Nationalist and aesthetic factors are the most dominant in the discourse, which partly bounces in Greenland's historical development.

The older generation is considered to be experts in the language, while the young generation is said to be the one that destroys the language. A discursive struggle is taking place to make the language clean for unwanted words and external dominance while maintaining a hierarchical breakdown about who has the right to say what is right and wrong in language use.

Purism, if used constructively, can help develop a language-bearing language, but ultimately it is the language users themselves who decide which direction to go.

Lecturer: Camilla Kleemann-Andersen


The lecture starts at. 19:00

The event ends at. 21:00

The event is free

There will be coffee and tea

The lecture will take place in Greenlandic

  • The struggle for a pure language
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