• Exhibition


  • TASIILAQ, Katuaq, Nuuk
  • 08-03-2018 - 11-04-2018

Where: Foyer 178

Period: March 8, 2018

April 11, 2018

For free

TASIILAQ is an exhibition consisting of Simon Lautrop's photos, Ina Rosing's lyrics and sound recordings from Amasalik (Tasiilaq) collected by Jens Rosing in 1961.

Tasiilaq is a visual and poetic story of a place that is both concrete today and the myth of the past. Simon Lautrop's photos are the nuts and at the same time in dialogue with Ina Rosing's story and meeting with the place her father grew up.

The TASIILAQ book can be purchased at Katuaq's reception and there will be the opportunity to buy images of Simon Lautrop.

Exhibition period: March 8 - April 11, 2018.

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