• Cultural

Something A Bit Different

  • Katuaq's Second Venue(Lillesal), Imaneq 21, Nuuk
  • 03-04-2019 - 04-04-2019

A dance performance created by children.

In most children's dance performances, adults have determined what the children should see. What happens if the children themselves are allowed to decide?

We change who decides and corrects what the children will see on the stage.

In this performance, 2nd B from Kangillinnguit has given inspiration to professional artists and created a new work. You get the opportunity to look into the children's universe and get an insight into their imagination.

Dancers: Alexander Montgomery-Andersen, Sarah Aviaja Hammeken and Michael Tang

Choreographer: Lava Markusson

Music: Jonathan Lundberg

  • Something A Bit Different
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