• Conference

lucidity Evening With Marianne Larsen

  • Katuaq, Imaneq 21, Nuuk
  • 15-11-2017 - 15-11-2017

The evening begins with practical information, and then Marianne will tell about herself and the spiritual world, as well as clairvoyance and having contact with the souls.

Subsequently, she will demonstrate her psychological abilities, thereby creating contact with the spiritual world and allowing the deceased to come through.

Marianne will convey messages to relatives among the audience. She often works with contact with the soul before the clear-sighted evening, for the souls who know who will be there that evening.

Throughout life, Marianne Larsen has been taught by the spiritual world. Ever since the age of 8, she remembers her first clairvoyant experience. In spite of a clairvoyant education with now deceased Gjertrud Berlon, who was the owner of Denmark's first clairvoyance school, she has worked intensively in the spiritual circle for many years.




Are you curious about the spiritual? Have you lost one of your loved ones?


The participants' assurance is that Marianne will of course comply with ethics, morals and secrecy.

Participation only for persons over 18 years old.

Marianne Larsen
  • lucidity Evening With Marianne Larsen
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