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Kunngi and his artistic methods

  • Nuuk Art Museum, Kissarneqqortuunnguaq 5, 3900 Nuuk
  • 09-05-2018 - 08-07-2018

It is hard to alter a square, Kunngi says. He tries to break and reverse the square with the colours, and the colours also create coherence in Kunngi’s nonfigurative paintings.

When painting, Kunngi chooses two out of the three primary colours – red, blue, yellow – which he uses in different mixtures in the painting. The third primary colour is hidden.

Kunngi draws lots of small sketches with crayons before he start painting. In his pictures he creates balance by drawing lines over the sketch and the canvas as a grid. He wants the pictures to be easy to look at.

Several times Kunngi has been told that his nonfigurative paintings were not Greenlandic and that he should rather be painting icebergs and kayaks. Such comments points out the common expectations that Greenlandic art should depict Greenland in motive and meaning. But Kunngis nonfigurative paintings breaks with this idea. As Kunngi says, he does not paint, because he is Greenlandic, but he paints what he wants to.

Kunngi is teasing the viewer and playing with our eyes; he wants us to see. Not to see something determined, but to see a picture. A friend of his marked that Kunngi’s paintings never get old, they are always new to look at. We see something different in the paintings from time to time.

At the exhibition ‘Kunngi and his artistic methods’ (Kunng – Teknik I kunsten) both older and newer sketches, graphics and paintings by Kunngi will be presented. Some of them will be shown to the public for the first time.


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  • Kunngi and his artistic methods
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