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KIMIA & Yggdrasil Lipet Egg

  • KIMIA & Yggdrasil Lipet Egg, Katuaq, Nuuk
  • 20-04-2018 - 20-04-2018

Where: Hans Lynge Sal

Date: April 20, 2018 at. 20:00


Yggdrasil - "Lipet Egg"

Kristian Blak is the leader of the Faroese orchestra Yggdrasil. The latest of the orchestra's projects are with the Siberian songs from the Khanty minority, Vera Kondrateva. The Khantyfolk battle is related to, inter alia, Sami people.

A CD with the music was released in 2016: "Lipet Ei - Seven Brothers" and since the tournament in the Faroe Islands, in Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Siberia.

The concert in Katuaq brings together Greenlandic, Khanty and Faroese tradition so that the concert program provides space for the participants' background.

After the concert, KIMIA plays. After the concert in Katuaq, Miké, Vera and Kristian perform concerts in Ilulissat, Kulusuk, Tasiilaq and in Reykjavik.



Kristian Blak and Yggdrasil play concerts in many countries each year and have been on tour in Greenland for many years. Has recorded Cden "Addeq" with Anda Kuitse in 1989.

Miké Thomsen plays / dance regularly with Yggdrasil.


Vera Kondrateva - song, percussion

Miké Thomsen - song, drum

Kristian Blak - piano


The orchestra was formed in 2012. KIMIA works primarily with the genre Classic Rock with a contemporary sound. KIMIA released their first album in November 2014, which was well received by the country's reviewers. For example, the internet newspaper www.sermitsiaq.ag gave our record 5 stars in its review and the record also received firefighting reviews in the printed newspapers Atugalliutit and Sermitsiaq each.

Our record is released as CD, LP and via iTunes. In the fall of 2016 their album came in Spotify.

KIMIA is known as an outstanding live performer. The musicians are all routine musicians with a lot of concert experience and always put high-energy experiences to their audience in the high seat. KIMIA thinks that their material is best experienced live and it is perhaps not so strange as their songs are collectively written in the concert room as a band.


Mike Thomsen - Vocal, Guitar

Angunnguaq Larsen - Lead Guitar

Kilaasi Miller - Acoustic Guitar

Hasju Damgaard - Bas

Nino Fencker - Drums

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  • KIMIA & Yggdrasil Lipet Egg
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