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  • Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia, Industrivej 27, 3900 Nuuk
  • 14-10-2017 - 14-10-2017

As an exclusive opportunity you will now be able to experience the Greenlandic Theatre classic INUIT performed by the actor students of The National Theatre School of Greenland.


This version of INUIT is a new and reinvented version of the Tuukaq Theatre’s almost 42 year old classic. The title Inuit can be interpreted in different ways, it can mean ”human” and Inuit. The play itself is also open for interpretation, it can either be the story of the colonization of Greenland or the story of the oppression of a community who goes through liberation on a more universal level.


”INUIT” is of course a ”modern fairytale”, but the material for the prologue, the dialogue and the songs has been found in old INUIT legends and stories, drum dances and mythological material. The play is in Greenlandic, but can because of the simplicity of the story, an extensive use of body language and visual elements be perceived and understood by non-Greenlandic audience.


The mask is a crucial theatrical element in the play, and a concrete symbol of the alienation the community is forced into by ”the white spirit”

The new production focuses on bringing a new generation of actors into focus, however they are directed by professional and experienced actors educated at the Tuukkaq Theatre who has themselves performed the play as a part of their education.

The National Theatre of Greenland, Nuuk Nordic Festival
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