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Ileqquvut - Inuit traditions

  • Ileqquvut - Inuit traditions, Katuaq, Nuuk
  • 17-04-2018 - 17-04-2018


18.00: Welcome

18:10: Aqipi reading - On tour (in Greenlandic and Danish) by Milik Publishing

18:40: Philippe Andersen and Najaanguaq Qvist play lovely Greenlandic songs

19:30: Drum dance with Peqatigiiffik Inngertatut

20:00: Thanks for tonight

Ongoing activities:

Get your own Inuit tattoo on the face or on your hand (can be washed off)

Milik Publishing - publishers: Read stories, myths and other good stories

Greenland National Museum and Archives: Draw your own toorenq (auxiliary spirit)

Nanoq Pullers: Armor - Are you as strong as cheese sauce?

Inuit & Denne Games Nuuk: Come and try the Arctic sport

Lydia Lerch Peqatigalugu: Low firefighter similar to Greenlandic camels m. Lydia Lerch

The event takes place in Greenlandic


April 17, 2018

Place: Katuaqs Foyer

For free

Kl. 18.00 - 20.00


  • Ileqquvut - Inuit traditions
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