• Concert

Gert & Nukaaraq Kristensen & Kammasukkut

  • Koncert Gert & Nukaaraq Kristensen & Kammasukkut, Katuaq, Nuuk
  • 02-03-2018 - 02-03-2018

Gert Kristensen - presentation

Gert Kristensen started to be interested in music already while he was a child. He thus composed and put music to "Ikinngutinnguara" (My Little / dear friend) already as 11 years old.

He has been playing dance since he was young. In 1998, he released his first CD (Inuunera Nuannersoq) in 2008 (Sivitsulerpoq), along with Nukaaraq. Today, Gert has a small home studio and also records other artists and you are welcome to look into G-studio in Facebook.

Nukaaraq Kristensen - presentation

Nukaaraq Kristensen is 44 years old and comes from Ilulissat. Nukaaraq began to be interested in music when he was 13 years old. He released his first CD in 1997, the second came out with the title (Ikinngutigaakkit / you are my friend)), the 3rd edition got the title (Maqaasivunga / I long)) and the last one he released as solo artist bar his name Nukaaraq kristensen, as title.

In 2007 he then published with his little brother Gert Kristensen

  • Gert & Nukaaraq Kristensen & Kammasukkut
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