• Concert


  • Katuaq, imaneq 21, Nuuk
  • 18-11-2017 - 18-11-2017

The 10-man Funeral Group, MonkeyRat & The Hentze Horns, comes to Nuuk with a whole band of 4 hornblowers and will compose a song with the rapist and co-founder of Nuuk Posse, Peter Tuusi Motzfeldt "TuuMotz", especially for the little solal concert.

MonkeyRat & The Hentze Horns released the single "Quick To Fix" on iTunes in Denmark, and since then the song has been popular in the fun genre and has been played a lot on radio stations in England and Canada. In the year 2017 the band had 2 concerts, one of which was at the Theater of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, and the other in the Faroe Islands for the Winter Jazz Festival. 3 older songs from the funk band got great reviews from the Stacja Island panel, which is often played on radio stations in the Faroe Islands and even in Australia.

The band will greet and say that funk fans should not overlook this concert in Katuaq's song hall.

In Katuaq's Lillesal MonkeyRat & The...
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