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Food Festival 2017

  • Godthåb sportshall, Kissarneqqortuunnguaq 2, 3900 Nuuk
  • 23-09-2017 - 24-09-2017

 Each year in the end of september a weekend is planned to celebrate all the amazing foods and goods Greenland has to offer. So if you are looking for a chance to taste seal, reindeer, fish, spices and much more while mingling with locals, this event is just for you. 

This year the food-lovers of Nuuk is gathering to show off their skills in exhibitions, tastings, cooking demonstrations, interactive learning and even a cake competition. So challenge your traditional view of food and learn about the Greenlandic cuisine. 

It all culminates as a street food-inspired market and exhibition with live music. 


Saturday 23rd september - exhibition and activites inside Godthåb Hallen (sports hall) at 12.00-15.00 o'clock. 

Sunday 24th september - street food market and music outside Godthåb Hallen at  16.000-20.00

Arranged by: Sermersooq Business Council

  • Food Festival 2017
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