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Exhibition // Tupilappassuit

  • Nuuk Art Museum, Kissarneqqortuunnguaq 5, Nuuk
  • 06-12-2018 - 17-03-2019

The exhibition shows how various Greenlandic artists, who has interpreted the tupilak, including graphic works by Anne-Birthe Hove (1951-2012), modern ceramic work by Gukki Nuka (b. 1965), an animated short film by Jakob Maqe Nielsen (b. 1982), drawings by Maria Kreutzmann (b. 1985) and graffiti-inspired paintings by Mike Kristiansen (b. 1971). They all challenge us to answer the question: what is a tupilak in 2018?

Nuuk Art Museum
  • Exhibition // Tupilappassuit
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