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Exhibition: The Weather Diaries

  • Nuuk Art Musuem, Kissarneqqortuunnguaq 5, Nuuk
  • 02-08-2018 - 17-11-2018

The exhibition examines the role and purpose of fashion in the West-Nordic countries, together with themes as sustainability, the weather and climate, storytelling, heritage, identity and how the creativity appears.

Through the artists Nina Gorfer and Sarah Cooper, the exhibition is a meeting between the three North-Atlantic Countries Island, The Faroe Islands and Greenland.

12 Designers from those three countries, including Bibi Chemnitz, Najannguaq D. Lennert, Nikolja Kristensen and Jessie Kleeman from Greenland.

The works originates in the designers stories, hopes and ambitions, put in a dreamlike and supernatural setting. The exhibition therefor creates the space for a different take on storytelling through the pictures.

The exhibition can be seen until the 18’ of November.


Nuuk Art Museum
  • Exhibition: The Weather Diaries
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