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Exhibition: Assinga 4x4

  • Nuuk Art Museum, Kissarneqqortuunnguaq 5, Nuuk
  • 17-10-2017 - 05-11-2017

In its core you find the life, the contrasts and an enormous interest in 'seeing'. Through their pictures and films they show different angles of the Greenlandic society. Through art they examine sadness and deceit, new and warn, and the traditions and the urban.

The Artists:

Inuuteq Krigel (GRL), Inuuteq Stroch (GRL), Jukke Rosing (GRL), Angu Motzfeldt (GRL), Lotta Törnroth (SE), Inkeri Jäntti (FI), Tinne Zenner (DK), Marte Lill Somby (NO / Sapmi).

Nuuk Art Museum
  • Exhibition: Assinga 4x4
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