• Cultural

Characteristics of narrative of myths and myths

  • Oqalugiarneq, Katuaq, Nuuk
  • 18-01-2018 - 18-01-2018

Where: Little Hall

Date: January 18, 2018 at. 19:00


When we tell stories and myths, we always follow an invisible recipe to remember the story, and so the stories consist of today. Studies have been conducted in other countries about how old tales go legacy from mouth to mouth without being changed.

By means of two films, "Arnat qivittut issumminillu qilippallit allallu" by Margrethe Thårup Andersen and Karen Littauer's "I Remember ... Stories from Greenland", the lecturer has examined whether these characteristics also apply to the Greenlandic oral narrative traditions. Come and hear what instruments were found in these stories, and how these guide the audience and tell. Evi Kreutzmann from Ilimmarfik will come closer to it.



The lecture starts at. 19:00

The event ends at. 21:00

The event is free

There will be coffee and tea

Sponsor: Nunafonden & Katuaq

  • Characteristics of narrative of myths and myths
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