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Appittarfik - Jam Session

  • Appittarfik - Jam Session, Katuaq, Nuuk
  • 13-04-2018 - 13-04-2018

Where: Little Hall 100

Date: April 13, 2018 at. 21:00

For free

Once again, Katuaq is inviting musicians and music lovers to the Jam Session / Open Scene in Katuaq's Little Hall, Friday April 13th, where the event will be opened again by tanned musicians such as Varna Nielsen, Jorsi Sørensen, Viila Sandgreen and Martin Chemnitz and maybe you?

Conference: Miké Thomsen.

There will be drums and keyboard available, so please bring your own instruments and a good mood.


In Katuaq's lillesal

April 13, 2018

Kl. 21: 00-24: 00

For free

Cafetuaq will be open

  • Appittarfik - Jam Session
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