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Angutivik - Nuuk Nordic festival

  • Hans Lynge Salen, Katuaq, Imaneq 21, 3900 Nuuk
  • 20-10-2017 - 20-10-2017

A co-production between The National Theatre of Greenland and Teater freezeProductions

ANGUTIVIK // MAN is about presenting a multi-dimensional portrayal of the Inuit Man which includes his dreams, love, life, longing, sexuality, joys and sorrows.

ANGUTIVIK // MAN aims to portray a more accurate portrayal of the Greenlandic man. At present, there appears to be two extremes that characterizes the general narrative of the Greenlandic man; the romantic back-to-roots tale of Indigenous people, man in complete harmony with nature. Or, the Greenlandic man’s “savage” tale of violence, incest, living off the government and drunkenness. We wish to dispel these myths and prejudices and dismantle these constructed images that so often appear in the mainstream media and provide the audience a more honest representation of the Greenlandic man.

ANGUTIVIK // MAN is about the Greenlandic man in the new millennium; his identity, self-image, his attitude towards being a man – in a changing world. We wish to give the Greenlandic man a platform to speak from.


Nunatta isiginnaartitsisarfia, Teater Freeze Productions, Nuuk Nordic Festival
  • Angutivik - Nuuk Nordic festival
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